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Getting Started With Padsite v3

Once you've set up your hosting and DSN the rest of this process can easily be done in seconds.

  1. First, download a copy of padsite and unzip it into the root of your web site.
  2. Next, open the application.cfc file and enter your values for the ten or so user-defined variables in onApplicationStart.
  3. Save your changes and upload everything to your web server.
  4. Now, just log in. Load the URL http://yourdomain.tld/padsite/ and log in with your email address and a password. As long as you're the first person to use the login form, the login you enter will be saved as the Webmaster's login.

High-five. You're done! From here, you can now click Setup in the navigation menu and start managing your database.

See "Using Padsite" for a tutorial on creating tables and admin pages.


Watch this demo video to see how easy it is to get started and what it can do for you.

Watch fullscreen for best results.